Endodontics? A Surbiton Dentist Explains

There are many specialised fields of dentistry and Endodontics is one of them, as a Surbiton dentist explains. An Endodontics specialises in the field of disease, injury and pain that stems from the root of the tooth, the surrounding tissue and the tooth pulp. If the pulp becomes infected, then an Endodontics will perform various procedures in order to save the tooth- the primary goal of Endodontics. One of the most common practices is a root canal. This allows the dead tooth to function without the need for extraction. In time, a decaying tooth can infect the pulp, which houses nerves, blood vessel and fibrous tissues. Once the tooth is infected, this can lead to intense pain. The answer to this is a root canal. Once the Endodontics has diagnosed the problem with an x-ray, the pulp is removed and the remainder of the nerves cleared from the roots. The tooth is then disinfected and filled. In some cases, the tooth may become re-infected requiring an apicectomy. A flap is cut into the gums so that the tip of the root can be removed and the tooth refilled. Root canals are also used for teeth that have been damaged or cracked through injury or trauma and are extremely vulnerable to infection and disease. The same procedure is applied- the clearing out of the pulp and roots so that the tooth can be repaired. In some cases, a dental crown will be fitted if the tooth is badly damaged.