Eliminating Crooked Teeth with Veneers in Surbiton

Dental veneers are usually more associated with covering up gaps, cracks and general wear and tear in the teeth and gums. Crooked teeth are normally rectified by the use of aligners or braces. However, in some cases, a veneer can be used as a solution to crooked teeth as well- a term known as instant orthodontics. Most dentists are very unsure about using this technique in severe crookedness as it involves removing a lot of the tooth’s surface area and core below, but it is ideal where there is minimal crookedness. Once the tooth has been shaved and cleaned, it’s a matter of taking a cast so that the veneer can be made, and then it is simply cemented into place, hiding any signs of problems beneath. The reason people opt for this method is that the whole treatment is over with in a couple of weeks, where the average orthodontic treatment to re-align teeth is over a year. You should first get a second opinion before setting off down this road: Mulberry dental care of Walton serve the Surbiton area and can give you all the advice you need to know about going down this route. It may not be what you want to hear and you may still yet have to wear braces, but the advice will be the best around.