Eliminate crooked teeth with veneers says a Surbiton dentist

Crooked teeth are the bane of some people’s lives, they missed the opportunity of having braces in early life, and in later life they are stuck with the crooked teeth. They can affect us with lots of social problems as well as oral problems and eating, says a Surbiton dentist. However, a cure as such is now easily and readily available in every town, village and city. Veneers are the most common method used, and they work well on most patients, on patients that have extraordinarily crooked teeth an extraction and a replacement dental implant will go with the veneers to complete the job. They come in two forms, a thin veneer and a thicker porcelain veneer. The first one is similar to a false nail and is fitted in much the same way, that is to say it is glued on to the tooth and acts as a shield that hides the crooked tooth. They last 3-5 years and are easily replaced when they become damaged, stained or chipped. The porcelain ones are made from a clay and are shaped to the original teeth; this requires the tooth to be ground down by the thickness of the veneer. Then it is cemented in place making sure the seal is complete to prevent infections. They can last from 10-15 years and in between they can be polished, repaired and replaced. When they need replacing they can only be replaced once due to the thinness of the tooth, but that gives a general lifespan of porcelain covered teeth of 30 years maximum. After that a coating of a porcelain paste can be applied to the thin tooth, this is allowed to harden and then shaped and polished to look like the original tooth.