East Molesey Dentists: Treatment and Prevention of Tooth Abscess

Being diagnosed with tooth abscess is a serious matter. It can actually be caused by either damage to the tooth or decay. Whatever the reason, consulting your East Molesey dentist is important for the treatment and prevention of tooth abscess.

When pus forms in the tooth, it usually causes pressure in the root, making it quite painful. You will experience a throbbing pain accompanied by swelling on the side of your face where the abscessed tooth is located. In extreme cases, you can experience spasms in your jaw muscles.

Basically, there are two types of tooth abscess:

• Periapical abscess – starts in the centre or dental pulp; considered to be very common
• Periodental abscess – starts in the structures supporting your tooth like the periodontium

If you are exhibiting such symptoms, it is vital that you visit your East Molesey dentist at once in order for the abscess to be drained. Usually, a root canal treatment will be done in order to save the tooth. But in cases when the abscess has damaged the root extensively, extraction of the tooth will be done to make sure that the abscess will not recur.

In case the tooth abscess burst before you are able to visit your East Molesey dentist, you should gargle with hot water containing salt. For the swelling, you can apply cold water compress. If needed, you can take painkillers.

Although there was draining of the abscess, it is still important that your have the tooth checked by your East Molesey dentist.

As always, prevention is the key. You can avoid tooth abscess by brushing your teeth and reducing the intake of foods high in sugar. Regular visit to your dentist will also mean thoroughly cleaning and check up of the entire mouth including gums and teeth.