Do Veneers go Yellow? Mulberry Dental Care tells all to Molesey

Dental veneers can really revolutionise a lost smile like know other treatment and they come in a couple of forms, resin or porcelain (or a derivative) and if they are treated respectfully, they should do you for a good many years. However, they aren’t indestructible and if you have an exuberant lifestyle, they may start to lose their sheen and even become yellowed, resin veneers especially, as they tend to be more porous. However, porcelain veneers should be more stabilised in their colour and resistant to natural staining. If they discolour and start to go yellow, there are three to four possible reasons for this. The first is that the veneer may have not been made properly in the first place, be it that they have been made from a cheaper material in the first place, or not glazed properly, which will allow them to discolour. The second reason is the type of products and tools that a dentist cleans your teeth with and again, this could seriously affect the glaze on the veneer. The third is your lifestyle: if you smoke a lot, and drink and eat foods that have high acidic staining qualities (coupled with a ‘flaky’ oral hygiene programme), they will start to become affected. The final example is rather bizarre: when fitted with your veneers. They are colour coded to the rest of your teeth. However, the rest of your teeth may become discoloured and if you have them whitened, chances are your veneers may look rather dull in comparison. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton Surrey serves the Molesey area and you can get all the advice you need on dental veneers.