Do my teeth look good in this?! Invisalign in Surbiton

Isn’t lovely to see technology working at its best in the world of dentistry- great new treatments and procedures, it can only be good for the patient. It is particularly good when such ideas are realised when it comes to getting your teeth straightened. There have been amazing advances in this field and one that can stand up and take an award is Invisalign- this has put all other orthodontic treatments to shame. The thing that blows the mind instantly is the fact that it sits invisibly in the mouth whilst getting on with the job in hand. It is made from a clear plastic and so it is extremely discreet, and if you ever ask anyone that has had to endure braces in the past, looks are important when wearing a brace. Aside from all of this, it is a removable aligner so again; this allows another freedom when it comes to oral hygiene….do you want more? This device works quickly, and in some derivatives on the theme, you can be done in 6 months. Invisalign’s only drawback is that it is only bespoke to certain conditions when it comes to teeth and it is can be pricey, but hey, look at what at what is on offer here. If you want to know more, contact Mulberry Dental in Surrey, as they serve the Surbiton area.