Destructive Teeth Grinding in Weybridge

There are many destructive elements in the mouth and we strive to counter them with the tools at our disposal, but one of the most potent destroyers of teeth is grinding and if you discover that you are doing this, it should be countered immediately: Mulberry Dental Care from Walton can tell you how and where you can get this done in Weybridge, and get it done you must. For it’s not just the damage that grinding can do to your teeth that’s a problem, it can affect your whole upper body. Yes, you can get a mouth-guard made up by your dentist in order to protect your teeth, but it will not solve the problem that is causing the grinding- stress, nor will it protect the rest of your upper area. The grinding will still go on and then begin to damage your jaw joints. It can also induce tinnitus, headaches, cause damage to the discs in your neck and hence, lead to problems in your upper torso. The only way to overcome the causes to teeth grinding is by therapy. You first need to identify what is behind the stress (and possibly anger too) and then learn how to manage it and there are courses around. You then need to learn how to relax and unwind as well at the end of the day, otherwise, you will have stressful sleep patterns and this is where most of the grinding and damage is done.