Dentists in Surbiton use cosmetic bonding to fill cavities and patients are gratified with the results

If cavities should develop in your mouth then they will have to be dealt with. Of course it is best to try and avoid them in the first place but if they take hold then your dentist will need to fill them up. Cavities occur when plaque is allowed to stay on teeth for such a time that they erode the enamel and create holes. In order that the tooth won’t carry on decaying and become useless, dentists fill the holes up.

Traditionally it was always metal that was used for filling cavities. People of a certain generation will be familiar with the sight of black spots in peoples’ smiles where cavities have been filled using this method. It was always a slightly problematic way of doing it though because using metal for such a purpose doesn’t allow dentists to be as precise as they would like to be and sometimes the fillings would fail.

Dentists tend to fill cavities in a different way know. Cosmetic bonding is the new way that dentists carry out this essential work these days. Instead of struggling with metal, dentists can utilise cosmetic bonding that is involves a far more malleable combinations of materials. The results are far more successful in general because of the greater accuracy afforded to the dentists’ work. An added bonus is that cosmetic bonding yields tooth coloured fillings that are much better to look at.

Speak to your Surbiton dentist if you are suffering from cavities and are interested in cosmetic bonding. Many people are even having their old metal fillings replaced by the stunning, white fillings of cosmetic bonding.