Dentists in Shepperton and Their Preference in Tooth-filling Material

At some point in their lives, some people may need to have their dentists to perform special procedures for filling in holes made by cavities in their teeth. Many years ago, holes in the teeth were filled with silver fillings that look obviously foreign from the rest of your teeth. As technology and new discoveries were made, a white-colored filling finally came up. Although there are still dentists around Shepperton who do teeth filling using silver amalgam, most of the population of dental patients who have learnt about this new addition in dentistry already demand white filling for aesthetic and functional purposes. Most people would think that opting for the white composite fillings are purely for aesthetic reasons. However, you will be surprised to know of its functional advantages. But take note that if cavities have reached the pulp of the tooth, this procedure is no longer applicable.Silver Amalgam versus White Composite Filling

Take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of the two types of fillings.

o The white composite type of filling looks far better than the silver amalgam. It effectively blends with the natural color of teeth so that they don’t look like they have been filled at all.
o With careful execution of the appropriate procedures for filling a tooth, white composite fillings help your teeth to be less sensitive to hot and cold compared to the silver amalgam.
o Composites are also much safer for the patient as they are mercury-free. Most dentists usually use the term silver amalgam but there is actually a lot of mercury mixed in it.
o As silver amalgam, in its hardness and type of material weakens the tooth in the long run, white composite fillings help teeth to be more resilient to pressure and become less brittle.

Although white fillings are more expensive than the silver amalgam, they prove to be more beneficial to the dental patient than the latter.