Dentists in Molesey delight patients with the results of teeth bleaching

Having stains on your teeth can mean that you won’t want to show off your smile. This is a great shame as your smile is a vital social tool that is frequently used – often subconsciously – to put other people at ease. Staining gets more likely with the passing years and can be especially likely in people who drink tea and coffee and red wine as well as those who smoke. There is no need to live with stains on your teeth, however; you can get rid of them with help from your Molesey dentist.

Essentially teeth whitening procedures usually comprise teeth bleaching. This is where a bleach-like substance is applied to teeth in order that the stains are removed from the surfaces of the teeth. Usually this substance comes in the form of a gel and it has to be kept on teeth for a certain amount of time so that it can do its work. This is usually achieved by the use of special trays.

Teeth whitening kits are available from many retail outlets and the work can be carried out by you in your own time. Although many of these kits are effective, sometimes the results can be uneven because the trays in which the gel is placed to be worn over teeth are mass produced in one size only and so the coverage of the gel is not always perfect.

Better is to get your dentist to make you a set of trays to wear on your teeth. These trays will be tailored to the shape of your mouth and so the coverage of the gel will be optimum. Teeth bleaching can also be combined with the application of special curing lights.