Dental treaments in surbiton

Cosmetic dentistry treatments available in London today include:
* Dental Fillings – This conventional treatment, as mentioned above, also can be clubbed in the cosmetic dentistry category when composite resin materials and porcelain are availed of to present a tooth-like look.
* Bonding – The fixing of broken or fragmented teeth may be carried out through a procedure known as bonding. Here a dental composite substance resembling enamel is smeared on the tooth surface, where it’s then moulded into form, shaped, and shined, rendering the chip or break undetectable.
* Teeth Whitening – In all likelihood teeth whitening tends to be the most regularly advocated cosmetic dentistry treatment. Teeth frequently have stains due to food, smoking, drink (red wine, tea, or coffee), or bad dental hygiene. In order to improve the visual aspect of your smile, teeth bleaching can be resorted to.
* Dental Veneers – Porcelain or plastic laminates adhered to a tooth surface to replace cracks and chips will enhance a damaged look or acute tooth staining. Veneers also may be suggested if your teeth have spaces between them or in case your teeth whitening efforts were not successful.
* Dental Implants – The dental implants are imitation tooth root substitutes that are employed in prosthetic (imitation substitute) dentistry to make up for missing teeth. Usually the outcome is not just an improved smile, but a younger-looking appearance also, as lost teeth make the face to cave in, giving you an older look.
Cosmetic dentistry in London provides a number of alternatives for persons who are dissatisfied with their smile. In case you are one such person, we urge you to go through our wide-ranging cosmetic treatment articles to know about the different procedures available to transform your smile.