Dental Options for Patients coming from the Surrey Area

There are many reasons we book an appointment at the dentist. It could be an irritating pain, an ache, and swelling or perhaps you want to improve the look of your teeth and smile. At the Mulberry Dental care clinic in Surrey we offer a wide range of dental surgeries from highly qualified dental surgeons.

Common procedures

The most common form of dental surgery that we commonly associate with surgery is tooth extraction. This is still a common problem due to tooth decay or injured teeth. Sometimes tooth extractions are needed to make room for other teeth. At the Mulberry Dental Care in Surrey we offer a range of treatments. These include dental implants which mimic the missing tooth canal and make dentures fit better and help the bone to grow where a tooth is missing.

Often during adolescent years the canines can become an issue. Surgery is regularly needed when canines grow in the wrong place and need help going to the correct part of the gum. Patients from Surrey and further afield can suffer this problem.

Root canal infections are also commonly treated using high tech methods of surgery filling the root and topping with a crown or filling using the very latest technology.

Scared of surgery?

The thought of any kind of surgery can make people tremble in their shoes with thoughts of scalpels, blood and ‘going under the surgeon’s knife’. But, at the Mulberry Dental Care we work only with the best dental surgeons to be found. They are all highly qualified and deal with every patient individually, carefully explaining each step of the treatment and helping with any anxiety or nerves. Surgery can correct many problems and leave you with a healthy mouth to be proud of.