Dental Implants come to Surrey

If you have ever lost a tooth at all in Surrey, you may well have thought that getting a dental implant was just too prestigious and way out of reach for you. Well once it was, as it used to be a very complex operation to screw a small titanium screw into the jaw and it could take months to heal. But once dentistry got up to speed with amazing new developments in laser technology, in some cases, an implant can be fitted in a day. You see, locating an implant with a laser does very little damage to gum tissue and the jaw bone, so the area being worked on takes very little time to recover from the trauma. They are strong and healthy and will probably outlast your other teeth. Such has been the rise and demand for implants, due to the fact it has become so simple to do, the procedure is popping up all over the country and for you, the person that thought this treatment was way out of your league, think again. The implants popularity has seen the price of having one fitted have tumbled quite startlingly and if you get an insurance or payment plan put into place, it will not even burn a hole in your pocket each month.