Dental Implants are very popular. By a Molesey dentist

The most common type of dental implant is Root Form Implants, or ‘Endosseous implants’. These implants are available in either cylinder form, or screw. They can be used to cater for a single artificial tooth or several in a row, dependant on the patient’s requirements. Your dentist will perform a simple procedure, firstly with an incision in the gum, this serves to expose the jawbone where your dentist will be able to insert the base plate. A set of small stitches closes up the wound. Healing can take between three and six months, but is often less. In this time the implant fuses with the jawbone. The next part of the procedure involves the incision being re-opened to allow access the now fused implant. Your dentist will fit an abutment, which the tooth will sit on, to the end of the implant. This simple procedure is the most versatile form of implant. It is made from titanium which fuses well with living bone. It is recommended for patients with a strong jawbone structure. Endosseous blade implants are yet another form of endosteal implant, which have been around for some time. They include long, flat pieces of metal which insert into the bone through a channel. The other good thing about these implants is that need no special care, other than the usual oral hygiene care that you have for your normal teeth, and your six monthly check ups will keep them tartar free. You will floss and brush them in the normal way.