Dental emergency kits; the facts. By a Surbiton dentist

A dental emergency kit is a must for every home, the main reason most of us don’t have one is that dental emergencies are thankfully rare, says a Surbiton dentist. The kits are available through the internet and at most chemists, like a first aid kit they contain most of the things you`ll need for an emergency. True to Murphy`s Law, when an emergency happens it is generally in the night or on a week end. Accidents happen all the time, you could easily chip or crack a tooth while eating hard food, or tripping over and banging your face. These kits are prepared for that with dental cement that will cover the chip or crack, the application is quite easy and most kits also come with a dental mirror so you could do it yourself if necessary. The cement is a temporary measure, and shouldn`t be used as a long term cure, as such. You will need to see a dentist as soon as possible to get proper treatment. Tooth ache is dealt with in the kit with Oil of Cloves and baby buds to apply it, the oil generates heat that will relieve the pain, taking Ibuprofen or aspirin will also help to bring down any swelling as they contain an anti-inflammatory. Never use alcoholic drinks as a pain killer, they don`t work very well and if your dentist smells alcohol on you they may refuse to treat you straight away. Remember that you may need an anaesthetic, and they don`t go too well with alcohol in the system.