Dental Emergencies in Weybridge

Dental emergencies can come in many guises and so it would be wise to learn a lot more about your teeth and what you have going on in your mouth, before you hit the panic button and dial the emergency services in Weybridge in the middle of the night, because a veneers has popped off and fallen under the settee! But an emergency is an emergency- it’s just how you react to it that is important and to understand the nature of the emergency. The first way of preparing for any eventuality is to sit down with your dentist and find out what back-up you have to help you if something does crop up in your mouth that you don’t know how to deal with. Minor dental ‘emergencies’ can be considered to be anything from a chipped tooth, a broken veneer, a lost filling or a minor toothache. These problems, although painful and uncomfortable, can be treated at home with some pain-killers and a little herbal medicine until you can get to see the dentist. Tooth loss through injury however, does take on a different angle and can cause the mouth to become infected. This may require immediate attention, but it can be addressed in the same way as above, if you can’t get an immediate slot with your dentist. But there will be times when you should call for an ambulance, and that’s when an abscess erupts in the mouth. An abscess can start to poison the blood stream as soon as it kicks in and if allowed to go unchecked, can become life threatening. Dental emergencies should be about common sense and to know when to react appropriately when a problem occurs.