Dental Emergencies- A Weybridge Dentist Explains

There is no indication of when a dental emergency will arise. It could happen anytime, anywhere, explains a dentist in Weybridge. We are not talking about leaving your dentures in the pub toilet. We are talking about serious emergencies that in certain cases could be life threatening. So what are the most likely emergencies to arise and how are they best dealt with? Firstly let’s look at toothache. It’s a problem that comes from nowhere and without warning. It can be caused by a number of things, but should be addressed by your dentist. But they might not be around at 2.30 in the morning, so it’s down to self preservation. Flossing, and rinsing with warm, salty water is the first line of defence followed by painkillers. Leading on from a toothache is an abscess. These are very serious. If not dealt with, they can be life threatening and can infect the whole body if allowed to develop. If you can’t get a dentist, get to a hospital, if only for peace of mind. Now we come to tooth damage. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a tooth has been knocked out, the same rules apply. The tooth or chips should be saved if possible until you can get to a dentist for analysis. The mouth should be rinsed and a swab used to stop cold air invading the wound. Painkillers can help. Finally, a more common emergency is the loss of a crown or a filling. In the case of a crown, the exposure of the tooth to the air can cause intense pain. This can be treated with clove oil and the crown can be slipped back on using toothpaste or sugar free gum as in the case of a filling. Whatever the case, any emergency should not be underestimated. A dentist should always be sought immediately. But if the problem escalates, don’t take any chances, call an ambulance.