Dental decay treatment in Surbiton clinics

Dental caries is an infectious disease which can lead to cavities (simply put, tiny holes) in the structure of tooth. This affects overall construction and health of the tooth ultimately resulting in destruction of tooth.

Dental caries is quite common and can be prevented maintaining proper hygienic condition. However, the number of cases of dental caries has been significantly declined because of fluoridated water and general awareness in the people of Surbiton.

There are many causative factors that are associated with dental caries such as eating sugars in excessive quantity, oral bacterial infection etc. Dental caries caused by bacteria contain acid. The acid, secreted by bacteria, causes local demineralization of the tooth surface and then it damages the tooth structure. If left untreated, it may decay the tooth and may form tooth abscess.

Dental caries treatment in Surbiton includes proper clinical examination, its remedy and advice about hygiene and diet. The main goal of dental caries is treating the cause; if infection, it is treated with antibiotics and in case of sticky substances, it is cleaned properly. Caries those are superficial can be treated by fluoride treatment offering re-mineralization but when caries have lead to cavities, they are to be removed and repaired with some special dental material like composites and amalgams. In some of the cases, dental caries are treated placing crown on tooth. In other case wherein the tooth structure is lost and tooth is susceptible to get affected more, root canal treatment remains the only option.

With proper hygiene and diet restriction, dental caries can be prevented and is also advisable in order to save you undergoing any surgical procedure.