Dental Checkup in Sunbury

When your Sunbury dentist performs a dental checkup, the factors that contribute to oral diseases will be identified. Thorough dental checkups are performed to locate oral disease(s) and to determine the course of action and correct dental treatment for a patient. Nothing should be overlooked, as this can result in future dental diseases. Thorough dental checkups will be performed in Sunbury by a talented dentist who knows and understands dental disease(s) and how best to treat them.
The dental checkup should include the following; a complete oral examination and charting of the mouth including, existing dental fillings, tooth decay, dental abscess(es), missing teeth, fixed and removable prosthetic bridges/appliances, along with a complete periodontal charting with the use of a periodontal probe to determine if any gingival and/or periodontal problems are present. Teeth mobility should be closely examined, as well as teeth sensitivity and/or gingival recession. A thorough dental checkup also includes a full-mouth dental X-ray series and study models (mounted on an articulator). The patient’s bite is also thoroughly examined both intraorally and outside of the mouth on the study models. All abnormalities should be written in the patient’s chart. Your Sunbury dentist and you will decide if any missing teeth should be replaced. The cosmetics of the patient’s teeth should also be evaluated. All medical problems, complications, allergies, medications, and lifestyle habits should also be noted in the patient file. Your Sunbury dentist will also perform an oral cancer examination.