Dental Bridges and what they are, by a Surbiton dentist

A Dental Bridge is exactly what it says on the tin, a bridge between other teeth, says a Surbiton dentist. A tooth can be lost prematurely for a number of reasons, and a gap in between teeth isn`t a nice thing. The Bridge is in fact a false tooth that is permanently fixed in place, unlike a denture which is taken out and refitted every day. The false tooth is attached to two other false, but hollow teeth. These are shaped inside like a square and they fit over the teeth either side of the gap being filled. Of course the teeth that will be the anchors for the bridge won`t be a perfect shape to take them, so they have to be ground and filed down so they are the exact same shape and size as the inside of the anchors. If you think of the anchors as a crown then you`ll get the picture better, they will act as supports to the suspended false tooth so they need to be a perfect fit. The whole bridge is usually made from Porcelain, as most false teeth are, and as such they need no special treatment or looking after, many wearers simply forget after a few weeks that they are wearing a bridge, that`s the magic of them. They are cleaned like a normal tooth and cleaned every six months on your half yearly check up. The whole procedure is also painless even though it sounds a complicated treatment to have.