Dandy Dental Check-ups in Molesey

We strive to keep our teeth healthy in our Molesey homes with all of the amazing products around. But in doing so, we shouldn’t get complacent about how well we are doing either: we don’t have all of the equipment to check deep within at home so it is vitally important that we ensure we visit the dentist at least a couple of times each year to get a thorough MOT. Dentists have an objective to look after you and ensure you don’t fall foul of evils such as plaque, tooth decay and gum disease- and unlike you, they do have the tools to get right inside your mouth. A digital X-ray can tell immediately if something is going wrong in your mouth and if something like a bit of tooth decay has shown up, it can be sorted out quickly with a filling. They will check the health of your gums and again, if you are having problems, give you a good clean and advise you how to care for them. They will remove any build up of tartar around the teeth and then send you on your way refreshed and dandy. But they will also be there for you if something serious goes wrong. All the more reason you should make your dentist your new best friend if you want to keep the teeth in your mouth.