Damon Braces in Weybridge

Damon braces? What the hell are those and do you really care anyway- all you want to do is get through getting your teeth straightened as quickly as you can in Weybridge. But this delicate time of getting your teeth straightened is a very important and influential time, and so before you go off in a huff about the fact that you are going to have to have braces fitted to your mouth, you’d be well advised to sit yourself down beside your dentist and have a chin-wag about what you are about to have done to you and look at the options on the market. Ever heard of self litigation- no well, pardon the pun, it is a bit of a mouthful but then so is having a Damon fitted. But this brace works on its own with a self litigating mechanism that tightens itself as it goes along. This is great because it cuts out the number of times you have to poke your head around the dentist’s door. But there are other benefits in choosing this device. The wire over your teeth can slip freely through the plates that are attached to the surface of your teeth which makes the treatment less abrasive. It is also quick, as it is working all of the time with the way it operates- okay hard to clean admittedly, but you’ll get to grips with it in no time, and it is so efficient, you’ll have your teeth in order before you blink- don’t be afraid, nut do take the plunge.