Cure Bad Breath With a Visit to Your Surbiton Dentist

If you have bad breath (halitosis), chances are everyone around you has a way of letting you know about it. Without a question, if you are tired of people grabbing for their nose each time you speak, it is time to visit a Surbiton dentist. Today, there are a number of medications and procedures that can be used to help get rid of bad breath. Your dentist can also give you some valuable information about foods and dental products to avoid.

Even though you may realize that halitosis is caused by germs, you may mistakenly believe that antibacterial mouthwashes will solve the problem. Interestingly enough, if they contain alcohol, they will kill off the good bacteria in your mouth. This, in turn, can make your bad breath problem even worse. In a similar way, your dentist can give you a good bit of information on how sugary foods and sweets can also contribute to bacterial growth.

When you need to get rid of bad breath, your dentist will systemically search for the cause. This includes referring you to your regular doctor for blood work. Oddly enough, if you are diabetic, or have kidney problems, they may be causing bad breath. Aside from this, you dentist may also give you some medications that will help while you are working on resolving other health issues.

There is no question that the social impact of bad breath is a matter of concern. Nevertheless, it is also very important to realize that halitosis may also be a key warning related to some other heath condition. Regardless of whether that condition is oral in nature, or in other parts of your body, it is very important to visit your dentist in order to find the cures and answers that will restore your health, and help you have good smelling breath.