Cosmetically bonding one’s Teeth in Surbiton

There are many ways to fill up those ageing cracks, gaps and discolored teeth in Surbiton but there is none more versatile, durable, fast and cheaper method than cosmetic bonding and it proves just how important we consider cosmetic dentistry is to us these days- we don’t just want our teeth to stay in our mouths, but we want them to look good while they are there. Sometimes a touch-up is good enough to get our teeth back into shape and this is where cosmetic bonding comes into its own. The first thing your dentist will do is take a color code of your teeth so that the resin can be mixed to match the rest of your teeth and then after a quick clean, the first layer of resin will be applied to the surface of the tooth and then ‘cured’. This will be done several times until there is enough resin for the dentist to work with and when there is, your tooth will be sculptured to the desired shape and then polished…and that is essentially all there is to it. And this can all be done in as little as an hour. If you have problems with it at any time, it is easily rectified by just touching up the resin again and then having it polished once more. It is this flexibility of being able to repair any altercations quickly that sets bonding aside from of similar treatments.