Cosmetic Dentistry explained by a Surbiton dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is to teeth what plastic surgery is to facelifts, says a Surbiton dentist. Your usual dentist won`t be interested in most cosmetic procedures for the teeth as they will tend to stick to clean up`s, extractions and fillings. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialised form of dentistry that involves the way your teeth appear and look, rather than how they actually are; health wise. Teeth whitening, veneers, implanting diamonds and fitting Lumineer’s are what a cosmetic dentist will be more involved in, although they are also trained in the usual dentistry procedures that we all need from time to time. Veneers and Lumineer’s are extremely popular with cosmetic dentistry, and they form the most important part of a smile makeover. They are different in the way they are fitted and their longevity, but they both sort out the same problems which vary from chipped, cracked and misaligned teeth to discoloured teeth and gaps between your teeth. A Bridge could also be classed as a cosmetic dental procedure; this involves a false tooth being fitted to replace a prematurely lost tooth in a permanently fixed position. Tooth whitening using an intense light system is also a form of cosmetic dentistry, although this procedure is generally carried by a technician rather that a cosmetic dentist. The procedure is quite simple and takes around an hour to do in 3 stages. It involves an intense light that reacts with a gel on the teeth to stain them white; it lasts around a year if you stick to the special dietary sheet that comes with it.