Cosmetic bonding now available at Surbiton dentists to effectively fill cavities

Do not despair if you find yourself suffering from dental cavities. It can be a painful problem and you might feel ashamed that you have let it happen to your teeth, but it is important that you go to your dentist and have them filled so that the problem does not get any worse. Cavities in the teeth can lead to them losing their structural integrity so you need to get them filled as soon as possible.

For many years the only option was to get metal fillings installed where the tooth has decayed away. Unfortunately this method could leave patients with unsightly looking dark patches in their smile and the metal that was used was not always that easy to work with because of the properties of it meant that dentists couldn’t always be that precise.

Thankfully all that is changing because of incredible cosmetic bonding techniques. What these changes basically amount to is that you can now have stunning white fillings which are matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth so are far more discreet. Even your closest intimates will find it difficult to tell that you have had your cavities filled. The dental composite that is used to fill cavities is far more malleable than the metal that used to dominate the procedure. This means that the fillings can be done with extra precision and they will stay far longer in the teeth.

If you are not wholly enthusiastic about metal fillings but know that you have cavities in your teeth, then you should talk to your Surbiton dentist about cosmetic bonding and how it can work for you.