Continual Replacement of Veneers in Weybridge

In general, veneers are usually fitted to people after the age of thirty whose teeth have become jaded with age. They are easy to fit, look beautiful and cover up many ills. They are also strong and can last a good 15 years if treated well. Of course, things do go wrong like damage for example and so the veneer will have to be replaced. As a rule, you can have veneers replaced as many times as is needed so long as the tooth structure below the veneer remains healthy. In the case of ultra thin veneers, this means as long as the enamel of the tooth remains healthy; for thicker veneers that require the removal of the tooth’s enamel, it’s as long as the core of the tooth is healthy. Overall, veneers do very little damage to the status quo of the teeth meaning they can be replaced as often as you like and this will be likely anyway as your teeth, gums and the bite of your mouth changes as you get older. For more information about veneers in Weybridge, you should call Walton’s Mulberry dental care service.