Consult Sunbury Dentist if you have Gaps in teeth

The common practice to close any tooth cavity is to use dental fillings especially plastic ones. But these plastic fillings have a tendency to shrink as they harden and this can lead to the formation of gaps between the tooth and the filling. Food particles begin to get accumulated in these gaps, ultimately giving room for the development of more dental caries.

There are a variety of plastic materials that are available to be used as dental fillings. The tension that is produced during the hardening process of the plastic filling depends entirely on the shape of the cavity and varies widely from person to person. Since it was not possible to determine the tension that will be produced in each hardening process, it was left to the dentist’s experience to choose the right plastic filling. But recent studies have enabled researchers to simulate this hardening process.

This new method makes it possible to accurately predict the tension that accompanies the hardening process with each type of plastic filling. This enables dentists to choose the least tension-prone plastic material according to the shape of each person’s tooth cavity. Thus the formation of further gaps between the tooth and dental filling is prevented and thus minimizes or does away with the risk of developing caries in the same cavity.

This is a relatively new simulation process performed only by a few dentists. Consult a Sunbury dentist who uses this new technique the next time you go in for a dental filling procedure.