Consult a Sunbury Dentist to Quit Smoking

Smoking has an immense detrimental effect on oral health causing oral cancers, gum diseases and poor wound healing apart from causing plaque, tooth decay and dental caries. Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to losing their teeth faster than non-smokers.

Of all the medical practitioners, dentists can play an important role in aiding a person to quit smoking. Since most smokers suffer from periodontal disease, a dentist is always approached for regular check-ups which give them a chance to help kick the habit. Recent research studies have shown that quitting smoking along with gum treatment gives a person healthier gums.

Dentists in Sunbury can also perform the twin role of a smoking cessation counsellor which is very helpful for people who are chain smokers. A dental practitioner or a dental hygienist can hold counselling sessions and is at a much better advantage to advice people on the harmful effects of smoking like development of oral cancer, severe periodontal disease and tooth decay which ultimately leads to premature tooth loss.

Dental practitioners must also educate their patients that poor oral health caused by smoking can lead to other diseases like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other respiratory problems. It is a common fact that patients often listen to their doctor’s advice, hence the brief time spent with the dentist can actually be turned into an advantage by talking to the patient about the health benefits of giving up this dreadful habit. Showing pictures of periodontal diseases in other smokers can also be helpful in gaining the patient’s attention and promote smoking cessation.