Confident Smiles with Dental Bridges from Worcester Park dentist

It is not surprising that individuals with missing teeth are self conscious about how they look. In addition to this, having gaps can result to other dental problems like temporomandibular joint disorder and malocclusion. But all these can be solved by a couple of visits to your Worcester Park dentist for a dental bridge.

For a long time now, dental bridges have been among the popular treatment for missing teeth. They also come in different kinds:

• Resin – bonded type: a kind of dental bridge that does not require extensive preparation of the nearby teeth as long as you have healthy gums and the other teeth do not contain much filling. This kind is best if you are missing your front teeth.

• Cantilever and conventional types: unlike the resin-bonded type, these two require extensive preparation of the nearby teeth primarily because crowns are placed and attached.

If you are interested in having a dental bridge, you should know that it requires at least three visits.

The first visit will involve the dentist checking whether you are qualified for such a procedure while the second visit will involve the dentist obtaining a teeth impression to be used for the fabrication of your dental bridge. The last visit will involve the putting of the dental bridge permanently in place.

Cost for such procedure ranges from £1000 to £1500, depending on your needs. Of course, you can rely on your dentist to provide you with quality dental bridges so you can enjoy your money’s worth.