Chipped Teeth Treated By Weybridge Dentist

You Weybridge dentist is very capable of repairing your chipped tooth/teeth. If and when an accident occurs, and it involves banging your teeth hard, you may end up with chipped or broken tooth/teeth. Make sure that you have your Weybridge dentist’s telephone number on hand or close by, in order to receive immediate treatment. Chipping of the teeth are a rather common occurrence when an accident occurs, and is a very treatable situation. When you visit your dentist for a chipped tooth, your dentist will examine your mouth to see what type of chipping occurred and how severe it is. Treatment sometimes is as easy as smoothing the chip or rounding of a sharp edge and then polishing the tooth, or it can be more involved if severely chipped or broken. If the chip is more severe, your Weybridge dentist can either bond the tooth, place a porcelain veneer, and if really severely broken, crown the tooth. If the pulp of the tooth is exposed, a root canal is required. So visit your Weybridge dental clinic if you chip your tooth as soon as possible.