CEREC Technology at the Kingston upon Thames Dental Clinic

So, you visit your Kinston upon Thames dental clinic and you need an onlay or a crown to repair and save a severely decayed tooth. You are trying to figure out how much, and how many visits this procedure is going to cost and take, respectively. So, you meet with your Kinston upon Thames dentist and they tell you that this whole procedure will take you one hour. Shocked! Impossible! Not, with the use of CEREC technology. CEREC has been available for some time, and it enables your dentist to prepare, manufacture, and place a new crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer that usually took two weeks, in as little as one hour.
Your dentist prepares the tooth in the usual manner, but instead of taking impressions, a special digital image of your tooth is taken that is converted into a three dimensional computerised model of your tooth which serves as a guide for the new restoration. If your dentist is happy with the newly computerised designed tooth or teeth, the information will be sent to an in-house milling system to make your new restoration out of a high quality ceramic block. This will take form 6-30 minutes, and is dependent on the exact nature of the restoration.
Available in a wide array of shades to blend well with the surrounding teeth, the ceramic can also be stained and coloured to more accurately mimic the surrounding teeth. The restoration is then polished or glazed in a furnace, and then cemented into place. Several advantages of CEREC over other dental procedures that perform similar restorations are the shortened time and single dental visit required, no temporary restoration(s), the control that the dentist has over the procedure versus using an independent dental laboratory, and the minimal cost difference compared to the other dental restorations that take several visits.