CEREC techniques allow Surbiton dentists to treat patients quickly and efficiently

What puts some people off going to the dentist is the thought of having to wait for hours in the surgery for a lengthy procedure to be carried out. If you have a busy life then it might not be possible for you to take the whole morning or afternoon off work to go to the dentist. Thankfully, advances in modern technology mean that the time many dental procedures take has been dramatically slashed.

CEREC techniques harness the very latest in cutting edge computer technology. For example, CEREC has revolutionised the way that porcelain crowns and veneers can be fitted. Your dentist need only take one digital x-ray of your mouth, which is in three dimensions. This is a great improvement on the need for expensive traditional x-rays and the associated lab fees.

This digital data of your mouth can then be sent to an online milling machine. This machine constructs a veneer or crown in an incredible six minutes. Your dentist will then be able to match it to your surrounding teeth and fit it there and then, with no need for temporary crowns or veneers. The reduction in waiting times is a huge bonus for anyone who is on a tight schedule.

Despite the use of such cutting edge technology, techniques using CEREC are actually on the whole cheaper or similarly priced to traditional methods. This is because there is no need for lab fees and the construction of temporary replacements, all of which could add to the price.

If you need a procedure to be carried out in your mouth, talk to your Surbiton dentist and see if CEREC technology can be used to reduce the time the process takes.