Brighter smile with teeth whitening from Molesey dentist

As we get older our teeth will start to lose their natural colour. A lifetime of eating foods rich in colouring stains the enamel meaning that we lose the naturally white appearance of our teeth. This affects some people more then others and is also dependant on lifestyle choices. Some food and drinks such as coffee and red wine stain teeth quicker, as does the use of any kind of tobacco product.

Fortunately there is a way to slow down discolouration and even reverse it by undergoing tooth whitening procedures. This in involves bleaching the teeth to remove stains and make them appear whiter. This is a relatively simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that is practised by most dentists in surgery. Some dentists will also offer take home whitening kits with prepared treatments in trays so that the patient can whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home.

The active ingredient in teeth whitening is a peroxide bleaching agent. The strength of the peroxide in the whitening gels varies from three to 30 per cent, depending on the level of bleaching needed and who is carrying out the procedure. Greater strengths of peroxide can cause damage to soft tissues so are only really used by dentists in surgery. Patients with home treatments will have lower strength kits.

When a dentists is performing an in-house whitening procedure they can use larger strength peroxides because they are also able to use protect equipment to cover the patient’s soft tissue areas. Although most home whitening kits have a lower strength of peroxide, some kits that can be purchased off the internet can be very strong so it is always advised to consult your dentist before applying any whitening gels to your teeth.

Just like some people’s teeth discolour at faster rates than others, some patients respond to whitening much better. For some patients, the results can be dramatic whereas for others, after several treatments the teeth will only appear slightly whiter. It really depends on the nature of your teeth and the type and strength of gel you are using.

Tooth whitening is a very popular procedure and one that if performed safely is relatively pain-free. Some patients experience sensitive teeth for a few days after whitening but this usually passes without any further problems. Consult your Molesey dentist today about having the natural colour of your teeth restored.