Bridges over Sunbury

Dental bridges are one of those funny old treatments that seem to have lost their identity with all the modern methods around in Sunbury these days, but they do have a role and they do work superbly when it comes to having a tooth replaced in the mouth and they can also preserve the continual health in your mouth from stopping further movement after the loss and help you to avoid infection and gum disease. Getting a bridge fitted is a pretty straight forward process once you and your dentist have worked out the best option. A tooth at the back of your mouth may involve wire and resin to bond the new tooth into position, but if you have one gone from the middle of a row, you can a new tooth bonded to two crowns that are cemented onto the surrounding teeth. In both cases, you can have an implant fitted which will prolong the life of the fitting but in all cases with bridges, they are cheap but they will require you to be on your guard when it comes to cleaning them. It is an acquired technique and takes a little bit of effort to get right at first and you will have to invest in the right tools. But get it right and a dental bridge will not only restore the look of your mouth, it will keep the health of your mouth up and running while it is in place.