Brand new smile with makeover from Weybridge dentist

If you have seen any of the recent TV makeover shows you will almost certainly have noticed that dental treatment and improving the teeth are an integral part of the makeover process. This is because the teeth form such a large part of attractiveness and are often the first thing people notice when they first meet new people. There are many individual cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve certain parts of the teeth but it also possible to have a number of treatments carried out at the same time with something called a smile makeover.

A smile makeover involves a complete overhaul of all the aspects of the teeth’s appearance. This means that your Weybridge dentist will aim to improve the colour, size, shape and alignment of the teeth to make them appear healthier and make you more attractive.

This could involve a whitening treatment to restore the appearance of stained or discoloured teeth. This can lighten tooth enamel by up to ten shades and make you look a lot younger and healthier. Alignment can be tackled with one of a number of orthodontic teeth straighteners or braces such as the Inman aligner.

In certain cases where the teeth are in need of more significant improvement, dentists can also use ceramic veneers to create a more pleasing appearance for the teeth. Veneers are very thin porcelain caps that fit over the top of the existing teeth. They can be specially designed to make the teeth look straighter and more even.

Having several treatments performed concurrently can be costly but is also capable of producing some stunning results for your teeth. Even teeth in very poor condition can be almost completely restored with a smile makeover from a Weybridge dentist.