Braces- A Surbiton Dentist Quick Guide

A dentist in Surbiton will tell you that having to wear braces will be one of the most traumatic periods of your life, especially if you attend school- you can’t hide them, they can look ungainly, cause problems when eating and single you out for ridicule amongst your peers for anything up to 3 years. They can also cause periodontal problems and gum disease which calls for vigilance in hygiene. But braces are an important procedure in teeth growth, rectifying the alignment between teeth and bite (eliminating possible problems in the future), straightening crooked teeth and once removed, giving back a cosmetically pleasing smile. X-rays, mouldings and impressions are made to evaluate the work required. Teeth can often be removed to make way for movement before the fitting of the braces and once in, it may take a while to get used to wearing them, initially causing irritation and allergic reactions in the mouth. Aesthetically, there are many styles to choose from, depending on what you are willing to spend. They start from the basic, rather unsightly silver fittings to gold, ceramic, sapphire, clear and invisible, depending on your sense of vanity. Then there are Inman aligners that are used for the front teeth only. If the braces are permanent, keeping the mouth clean is of the utmost importance and special brushes are on the market designed for this job.