Overcoming Bleeding Gums in Shepperton: Mulberry of Walton has the answers

It can be quite a shocking sight to find blood on your toothbrush after you have just brushed. It could be that you are using a far to abrasive brush and you need to change to a softer one and ensure that you use a medicated mouthwash and rinse with salt water until the problem stops. However, this problem could mean something more evil is in the throes of surfacing in the mouth and posing a very serious threat to your teeth, gums and in the long term, your heart and other vital organs- gum disease. If you are worried about the problem, and you should be, get advice from Mulberry Dental Care that serves Shepperton and then get along to your dentist pretty sharply. As has been said, it could just mean you need to adjust you oral hygiene a little but if is the early signs of gum disease, your oral strategy must intensify even more to combat the problem. Between you and your dentist, you should be able to get through this scare, but if it has raised its head, gum disease will be ready to strike at any time so you will need to be vigilant in the future and be aware of the signs.