Bleeding Gums; causes and cures, by a Molesey dentist

Bleeding Gums are a bigger hazard than most of us give them credit for, says a Molesey dentist. They won`t just ruin your gum line, lose you your teeth and give you bad breath, they can also allow germs to enter the main blood system and cause you problems in your Liver and Heart. The main protagonist of the disease that causes bleeding gums in the mouth is the bacteria that comes with our food, it tends to want to breed in the most awkward of places which is generally in between our teeth. We leave food particles when we snack, and although we floss and clean our teeth first thing and last, it isn`t enough. The food is what the bacteria thrives on, it then secretes an acid that not only destroys the enamel on the teeth, but also eats into our tender gums. Cracks appear at first, but these are so tiny we don`t notice them and brushing agitates it even more opening the cracks up and allowing germs to get inside. Once inside they can work their way through to the blood system, and this then opens up a whole canal system that allows the germs to infect the rest of the body. Bleeding gums also spread disease to other parts of the mouth and the lower and upper part of the gums. Bad breath is a symptom and you can help yourself by keeping the level of odour with a good mouth wash, an antiseptic one will also kill off germs.