The Benefits Of The Damon Brace In Surbiton: Learn All From Mulberry Dental Care

Choosing a brace can be quite daunting so you need advice first and Mulberry Dental Care of Walton are the people to talk to it comes to making a decision so that you can get the best that you are paying for. Woven into these costs come fees from seeing the dentist each time you need to be checked up so if you could find a discreet, fast working brace that works automatically and cuts down on the amount of dental visits. Well, your prayers have been answered in Surbiton in the shape of the Damon brace. Using all the latest technology and discreet materials this brace cuts treatment times in half. It involves placing a series of plates onto the surface of the teeth. Then a free moving wire is fed through each one and anchored to a self-ligating mechanism at the back of the mouth. What this means is the brace tightens itself throughout the treatment, hence cutting out the need for endless dental appointments and seeing as the wire is free moving through the plates, it becomes less of a trap for food to breed bacteria in the mouth. There are a few incarnations with the Damon brace: the most prolific is the Damon Clear, as this is almost invisible in the mouth. But whichever of them you choose; they will make your treatment a pleasant one, a concept not usually associated with braces!