Bad breath remedies, some advice from a Surbiton dentist

Bad breath is a social problem that will lose you more friends than anything else in life, says a Surbiton dentist. The problem usually arises out of a lax or badly orchestrated oral hygiene program, although eating spicy foods heavily laced with garlic, raw onions and chillies will also give you bad breath. Bacteria builds up in the mouth, and the odour is a by-product of the reaction between bad bacteria and those food bits. Rinsing will cure the problem temporarily, but you can’t beat a good and vigorous brush, floss and rinse every time you eat. It often isn’t possible to do this after every meal, and then flossing at least will help a lot in eliminating it. Cupping the hands and sniffing is a waste of time, the nose is filled with the odour and cannot usually detect it, and a bad taste will normally be a good indication of the problem. Sugar in coffee or tea, and these drinks themselves will encourage the production of acids and this will increase the smell quite quickly. Chewing will produce not just a minty taste and smell, but it will also produce saliva that will quickly neutralise acid build up and therefore bad breath. Smoking will also give you a bad breath problem, as will a beer breath the morning after a drinking session, the two combined will make it even stronger and harder to get rid of. It isn’t a good idea to keep disguising the problem; you need to work at eliminating the cause in order to have some long term relief. Giving up smoking and excessive drinking will not only make you healthier, but it will make your breath healthier as well. Flossing every time you clean your teeth, along with using the proper brush and brushing method is a must to keep your mouth healthy and your breath clean.