Bad Breath prevention by Kingston upon thames dentist

Bad breadth is a common oral health issue. It can occur at any age usually seen in people who doesn’t keep good oral hygiene. The children and seniors are very vulnerable and often they have difficulties in maintaining good oral health. Kingston upon thames dentist says that it is most commonly seen in Smokers ,individuals with mouth appliances, people with medical conditions such as diabetes, allergies ,throat and lung infections and tooth decay also it can be seen in People who are on long time medications(certain vitamins, calcium blockers ,antihistamines etc)Then dieters also suffer from bad breadth, Because of the consumption of certain food ,they have a dry mouth,. Dry mouth leads to tooth decay and excessive thirst. Certain foods that contribute to bad breadth are coffee, garlic, onions, cabbage and curry. Tobacco users have their own form of bad breadth and the only solution is stop smoking that is why the dentist in Kingston upon thames always discuss with the patients about the importance of stopping smoking.
How does it occurs/causes
Bad breadth usually originates during when the bacteria in the nose, or in the mouth interact with outside air? The nasal triggers for bad breath are dysfunction of the nose, any abnormality in the nasal cavity may obstruct the mucus flow. Also the bacteria which is found in the postnasal drip, sinusitis might go to the back of the tongue .If such situations are neglected there will be improper saliva flow and poor oral hygiene When the bacterial plaque are not removed from the gums or between the teeth it continuous to grow and eventually leads to halitosis.
Preventive measures
though there are so many breath fresheners available in the market; they give only short time relieved they can’t replace the importance of good oral hygiene. The food particles between the teeth and around the gums make an ideal environment for the bacteria which can cause bad breadth. By Practising good oral hygiene exercise halitosis can be prevented to a certain extent. Brushing and flossing are very important after a high protein diet .Rinsing the mouth with an antiseptic mouth wash after every meal and at bed time is really helpful in reducing the halitosis causing bacteria growth. Tongue scrapers are used to remove the mucus of the back of the tongue where the bacteria usually present and finally individuals who have dental appliances should pay special attention to dental hygiene.