Attacking a Dental Abscess in Molesey

As you go through life in Molesey with all your dental complexities, you will hopefully try to avoid tooth decay by getting your daily oral hygiene programme right. For if you don’t and the decay gets out of hand, you may well be heading for an abscess and once you get one, it’s one hell of a job to get rid of. Not only that, an abscess is lethal and it can put your life on the line by poisoning your blood stream. An abscess forms when the infection caused by tooth decay has nowhere else to go and when it forms, you’ll soon know about it when you face swells up and you suffer with excruciating pain. The thing is, the problem cannot be tackled until you have had some antibiotics pumped into you to reduce the toxins that the abscess is releasing into your body. Once you have got through this dangerous 24 hours, then you can get the abscess and you tooth treated by your dentist. It probably means that you will have to have a root canal to repair your tooth in order to save it, but this is probably a waste of time anyway, because an abscess will only really disappear when the tooth is removed from the mouth for good. If you are worried about this sort of problem and would like to learn more about how to cope with a situation like this, then give Mulberry Dental Care a call in Walton- they serve the area and will only be too pleased to give you their wisdom.