Are you a nervous patient? Your Sunbury dentist can help

Taking care of your teeth at home by brushing them and flossing them effectively is very important for the health of your mouth but this must be done in conjunction with regular visits to the dentist. A worrying survey recently found that as many as one in five British women and one in ten British men feel nervous about visiting the dentist. If you are a nervous patient, it is crucial that you overcome it.

Feeling nervous about going to dentist often stems from childhood memories. If you had a painful or invasive procedure when you were growing up, it can be hard to shift the feelings that it still generates in you. Perhaps you are afraid of needles and hate the thought of having to have one at the dentist.

What with negative stereotypes about dentists and dental surgeries persisting in the media, it is easy to understand why some feel nervous about visiting the dentist. If you had a personality clash with a member of staff at the surgery in the past then you might feel reticent about going back. You should choose another dental practice if this is the case, as having a good relationship with your dentist is vital.

If your fears stem from childhood you should know that dentistry has changed a lot in the last few decades. Generally treatments are far quicker and less invasive, with pain free gels available and even water drills used instead of the traditional dentist drill.

Letting a problem with your mouth just get worse can have really serious consequences so it is best that you deal with your nerves about visiting the dentist. Perhaps you can arrange an informal appointment with your Sunbury dentist and discuss your problems so that you can be put at ease.