Amazing Lumineer veneers from London W1 dentists create perfect smiles

Giving your smile a makeover, like your hair and skin, is now possible with incredible Lumineer veneers. Teeth inevitably become duller over time and lose the sparkle which they have in your youth. Making sure your smile is perfect is hugely important to feeling confident in social situations and Lumineer veneers can help you with this.

There are all sorts of causes for staining and dullness affecting teeth. Drinking coffee, tea or red wine can stain teeth, as can smoking tobacco. Just getting older causes teeth to become dull too through wear and tear and sometimes having poor health generally can leave teeth more open to staining. Having veneers over them represents an option to restore the shine of your smile.

Lumineer veneers are often referred to as contact lenses for teeth because they are so thin and, as such, require hardly any preparation of the teeth at all. In order to fit traditional veneers, sometimes a substantial portion of your existing tooth needs to be removed. This, of course, can be invasive and means that the process is not reversible. Lumineers are different in this regard because they are thin enough to fit over the natural shape of eth vast majority of teeth. This thinness does not mean that there is any compromise with durability. Made from special cerinate porcelain, Lumineer veneers should last in excess of twenty years.

Even if you have existing bridge or crown work, Lumineer veneers can fit over them too. They are ideal for concealing dull or stained teeth and teeth which are crooked. Check to see if your London W1 dentist is registered with Lumineer. If they are then the veneers which are only available from Lumineer’s dedicated laboratories in the United States of America can be fitted.