Advancements in the Weybridge Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

The cosmetic dentistry industry in Weybridge has seen huge advancements in recent years. Dental implants coupled with cosmetic dentistry provide the two most exciting and valuable treatment options today for dental patients, creating possibilities unheard of in the past. People who have not paid a visit to their dentist in many years, are sure to be amazed at all that can be done to improve their dental health and that all important smile!
Cosmetic dentistry is quite a new concept that is generating broad appeal. Especially, veneers made of porcelain are turning out to be a boon for the thousands that want straighter, whiter teeth and a dazzling smile. These veneers are custom-made porcelain wafers that are placed by the dentist over the front of the teeth to either enhance their appearance or mask damage. A wide variety of dental problems such as stained/discolored teeth, unsightly gaps between teeth, correction of a crooked smile without braces and repair of chips or imperfections in the teeth can be achieved using porcelain veneers.
Dental implants were discovered by the Swedish scientist and surgeon, Dr. P. I. BrĂ¥nemark, and have helped thousands of people over the years to overcome problems associated with missing teeth, vastly improving their quality of life. The latest dental implants are made of titanium rods that are about a centimeter long. These are placed inside the jawbone and are meant to serve the same function as the actual roots of the teeth. Not only can implants help replace lost teeth with artificial ones, they can also help keep dentures tightly in place. For people that cannot tolerate wearing removable dentures, dental implants are the only viable option to replace missing teeth permanently.
The routine use of more lifelike and durable white fillings is also a recent trend. These new fillings have become the material of choice for most dentists today and blend in with the teeth, helping to recreate a natural, aesthetically appealing appearance.