Abscessed tooth treatment and what it entails by a Sunbury dentist

An abscessed tooth is a painful and annoying one, and it can take a bit of time to clear it up. A Sunbury dentist has advised his patients that extra care must be taken to ensure the infection doesn’t return. The problems arise not just when the tooth becomes infected, but afterwards, and especially when the patient is avoiding that particular tooth because it is sensitive. In extreme cases of reoccurring infections, a root canal treatment may be required and this isn’t a pleasant experience. At the first sign of an abscess the dentist will try to save the tooth, antibiotics are prescribed to get the infection down, and pain killers will usually be recommended as well. An infection can take over a week to completely be treated, and in the meantime the dentist can do nothing to the tooth. After that the tooth can be removed if it is in a bad way, but your dentist will try to save it. Taking the tooth out will usually stop further infections, as will a rot canal treatment. Root canals are done where bacteria has managed to infiltrate deep down into the cavity of a tooth, the dentist will remove much of the inner part of the tooth and then clean it out. The hole will then be filled with an anti bacterial paste that hardens to replace the normal enamel of the tooth; this will leave no room for bacteria to accumulate in the future, and will usually cure the problem. Where the tooth is damaged by the abscess the dentist may find no alternate to an extraction, but as long as the jaw line is O.K. then a dental implant may be placed in the gap to replace the tooth, this will then take a few months to infuse with the bone, but the result is a natural feeling tooth and no more abscesses.