All about Dental Bridges in Sunbury from Mulberry Dental Care

The loss of a tooth for whatever reason can be a devastating time in Sunbury, but you can take heart from the fact that there are a good few ways to get around the problem, just ask Mulberry Dental Care who serve the town. One of the more traditional and trusted methods is to have a dental bridge fitted. Replacing a tooth is necessary in order to prevent gum disease erupting as well as protecting the shape of your face, your occlusion (bite), your speech and of course, your vanity. It will also help to prevent further movement and strain in the remaining teeth. The process will take about a month in all to complete: the adjacent teeth to the gap are first shaved to take the crowns that will be fitted and then a moulding taken, from which the bridge will be made. This will take a couple of weeks and when it returns from the lab it will be temporarily cemented in- this is to check for fit and bite, before it is cemented permanently (some longer bridges can be anchored using a mini-implant for extra strength). In the first months it will constantly be checked by your dentist to ensure the bridge is working well but one of the things you must learn to master from the off is cleaning around the bridge- your dentist will show you how and once you have got the hang of it, there’s no reason why you and your bridge should remain healthy for a good 15 years.