A Weybridge dentist talks about how the Invisalign works

An Invisalign is a brace system that works, and works well. It is an improvement on traditional braces in the way it works and looks, says a Weybridge dentist. On your first visit the dentist will identify the problem that needs fixing, then using digital pictures that are fed into a computer system, they will plan out and design a series of braces that will be fitted every two weeks. The braces are unique in that they are self contained with all the `gubbings` secreted on the inside to hide them from the visible eye. It`s called the Invisalign because of the clear look of the brace, the most amazing thing is that it is also removable and can be taken out and replaced by the client. When cleaning your teeth or eating your food you simply pop them out and then back in again, in fact you can leave them off for a few hours every day. For the busy and fashion conscious executive, this is a handy tool to have when you are used to face to face meetings or business lunches and dinners. The series of braces are all made before the treatment even starts, using a 3D CGI film, which is also created by the system, you and your dentist can see the whole process before you even start, at the end of the film you`ll see the end result. The process is quite scientific as well and will agitate the blood system to produce more new bone cells, these will attach themselves behind the teeth as they move, and keep them in the new position that the braces will manipulate them into.