A Weybridge dentist explains the advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have been around for decades, in the good old days only movie stars and pop singers could afford them, but today the cost has been heavily reduced due to their new founded popularity. A Weybridge dentist says that they have noticed more and more people are choosing these types of a veneer to cover a multitude of dental sins; so to speak. The Porcelain that they are made from is a special type of clay that is quite hard wearing, it is easy to work with and the veneers are made by a dental technician to order. Digital pictures are taken of the tooth that needs covering and the teeth either side of it, this helps to colour code the veneer to allow for blending in, this will make the veneer appear more natural. They vary in thickness and how long they last, but the usual lifetime of a Porcelain veneer is around 5-15 years. They will eventually go yellow, but the good news is that they are replaceable. The procedure will involve you losing a fair amount of your natural tooth enamel, the amount will be equivalent to the thickness of the veneer, this is so it doesn`t project out and look false. The enamel never grows back and the veneer can only be replaced with another veneer, the procedure is different in that you won`t need to have any more enamel taken off. It may sound a painful procedure, but it is all quite painless as are all dental treatments these days.